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Podiatry Treatments and Prices

We treat a variety of conditions and ailments associated with feet and the lower limb. See our full range of treatments and products below.

Feet First Treat

  • Athletes Foot and other skin infections
  • Cracked heels and dry skin problems
  • Corns, callous and hard skin
  • In-growing toenails
  • Thickened, damaged or fungal nails
  • Foot and heel pain – including plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia
  • Lower limb aches, strains and sprains
  • Sports Injuries

Our Treatments

Feet First combine experience and professionalism with a personal touch to provide an array of effective services and treatments. Each treatment option is tailored to your specific requirements to get you on the path to recovery as quickly as possible. See how we can help you!

General Footcare

Assessment and treatments including nail trim and file, corn, callous or hard skin removal with the application of a lemongrass fragrance with a hydrating and soothing foot cream.

30 mins: £37
Total Footcare

Everything from our General Footcare treatment option with an additional relaxing and therapeutic foot massage applying the reflexology principle.

45 mins: £48
Toe Nail Trim And File

A 'just the basics' treatment. Toe nail trimming and filing. Included is an application of a hydrating and soothing foot cream.

15 mins: £27
Luxury Foot Massage

A therapeutic, relaxing massage applying the reflexology principle. Soothes tired aching feet and promotes a sense of well being.

30 mins: £37
Ultra Sound Therapy

Non invasive, safe therapy to aid the healing of painful conditions, aches, sprains and strains. Includes full assessment.

30 mins: £37
Ultra Sound Follow Up

Follow on ultra sound care for painful conditions. Follow up sessions are generally quicker as the assessment time is reduced.

15 mins: £27
Diabetic Foot Check

Specialist diabetic foot examination including assessment on your risk level of foot problems. We'll provide professional advice on how to properly care for your feet at home.

30 mins: £37
Ingrowing Nail Surgery

If conservative treatments have been unsuccessful, surgery under a local anaesthetic will permanently cure ingrowing nail problems. Includes 3-4 follow up appointments.

60 mins: £345
Podiatric Nail Gel

A nail gel enhancement. This specially formulated UV nail gel is suitable for use on damaged and fungal nails. Gloss/opaque/french manicure finish available.

30 mins: £37

A 50% fee may be charged for missed appointments or those cancelled with less than 8 hours notice.

Our Products

A specially selected range of products that work in balance with our bodies, using natural ingredients such as urea and vitamin E for natural moisturisation and promotion of skin cell regeneration.

Footcare Cream

Extremely effective for the hydration and control of dry skin, callous and cracked heels. Contains 10% or 20% urea - the body’s natural moisturiser. These creams are hypoallergenic, lanolin free and suitable for those with diabetes.

Dry skin and Heel Balms

Specially formulated for the most severe cases of rough, dry and cracked heels. Contains 25%, 30% or 40% Urea, the body’s own natural moisturiser, to assist speedy hydration. High concentration of vitamin E, and alpha-hydroxy acids which help to gently exfoliate the skin.

Lemongrass Foot Spray or Cream

Ideal fragrant foot freshener – cooling and deodorising, and perfect to use at any time. A pleasant aroma, lemongrass oil also has natural anti-fungal properties. Hugely popular with both ladies and gents.

Anti Fungal Preparations

Used for athlete foot problems for initial period of 7-10 days to eradicate fungal skin problems of either the dry fissuring type or the moist itchy type, that is often seen between the toes.

Insoles/Orthoses and Footwear advice

Feet First can supply off the shelf, semi custom insoles and prescription orthotic devices with full fitting service. Footwear advice and comfort insoles are also available. prices from £25.00

Gift Vouchers

Offered for any therapy for the amount of your choice. Redeemable within the Feet First Foot Clinic. Request within the clinic or get in touch to order your gift vouchers.

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